VR Game: Day 1 Challenges

Virtual Reality Workshop in Vancouver Presented by Design Lab

Thanks for attending Day 1 of the MedApps VR Workshop! Over the week, your task is to create a game which can potentially help chronic pain patients.

A few things about chronic pain:

In several clinical trials, VR Games have served as an effective distraction from chronic pain.

However, shooter games and scary violent games are not conducive to helping patients with chronic pain. Cognitive challenges and calming scenes appear to help chronic pain patients.

Note: You are not restricted in your game creation. You can make any game you please.

Your goal is to make an exploration game

Imagine there are different people you have to meet in your game. One is a fairy, one is a sensei and one is a talking cat. You have to visit these people in order. When you visit the fairy, she will give you a clue about the next location such as “Where red roses lay” and you must navigate the maze in order to find red roses and you will find the sensei. Then sensei will give you the next clue and so on. Throughout your game, you can have locations/buttons the players can click which will transport them to another location. They could be transported to a calming beach scene.

The objects are up to your imagination. You do not have to use a fairy, sensei or talking cat. The clues and locations are up to you.

You could start off with placing 8 items in the maze and finding the 8 items (click button/tap to collect items) and showing “Success!” text when you are done.

Things you may want to try:

  • Add behaviour when you successfully collect an object
    E.g. sound, confetti, camera shake
  • Change lighting
    E.g. when you click a portal to a different place, it gets darker
  • Create an inventory (Ambitious challenge)
    Check out Unity’s full video tutorial on how to make an inventory!
  • Create your own assets!
    Download Blendr, a 3D modelling program and let your imagination run wild!
  • Click on object (ie button), and a clue prompt appears (text)
  • Click button/land on location and teleport to another location (ie beach)
  • Improve UI